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5 Reasons to Record and Post Sermons Online

mixer-mic-600x300Is your church recording and posting sermons online? Your pastor spends hours every week crafting the message and making slides. If you’re not sharing these valuable resources with your congregation and the web, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons to record sermons and make them available online:

1. Catch-up

You weren’t feeling well, or enjoying time away on vacation. Whatever it may be, you missed the weekend service. Having the ability to bring up the message on your mobile phone while you drive or relax at home is convenient and helps people feel connected even if they missed service.

2. Listen again           

Let’s be honest, even if you were at church for the message, you didn’t absorb everything. Babies cry, minds wander, and sometimes the message is so profound that one listen is not enough.

3. Share

The Gospel in a digital world means anyone with internet access can find and listen to your pastor’s sermon. That is amazing. Did your pastor phrase something so eloquently that it’s just worth sharing? Send that link instead of just talking about it.

4. Promote

Your church’s online presence acts as the front door to your church. More people than ever before are using the web to find their next church. Recorded sermons give visitors a glimpse of your church from the inside.

5. Archive

With a sermon archive, you can not only go find specific sermons, you can also find other messages that apply to what is currently going on in your life. The best part—you can do this anytime, anywhere!

If you’re looking to get into sermon recording or are desperate for a new system, definitely take a look at Proclaim Church Presentation Software. Proclaim recently released a new sermon recording feature that allows you to record, edit, and share instantly. It’s worth seeing it in action here.

If your church records and publishes sermons, what difficulties have you come across? If not, what’s holding you back? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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