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This Song. Your Church. Please Sing.

There is much to be said about the songs we sing in our churches, especially when it comes to being overly critical. I am guilty of this beyond what I care to confess.

But I’ve been personally inspired and drawn to Christ’s hope with a new song by Elevation Worship. Why? Because it’s one of those rare and unique songs that invites people who once experienced the joy and majesty of God to declare that it’ll happen again, even if it’s not happening now.


Too many of our songs of worship invite us to pretend that we feel the closeness and goodness of God, even when we don’t. But not this song.

“Do It Again” gives me hope in the future, not only a future in heaven, but one day on earth too. It invites me to proclaim that the night won’t last, that change will come, and that the walls won’t stand forever. It reminds me of the mountains that God has moved in my past, and gives me the words to believe that He isn’t finished moving other mountains on my behalf, all for His glory.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating to estimate that at least half of the people in our congregations everywhere need to proclaim this message as they sing. We are in desperate need of artists and lyricists who give words to people in pain – words that make clear sense, especially when the events of our lives do not. It’s not just about proclaiming truth in our songs of worship. It’s about the truth we proclaim as we sing.

I hope this one makes it into your set list, or at least into your “Songs to Introduce Soon” list. It’s long, and you can chop it down quite easily. I believe that God will be honored, and that a larger-than-expected segment of people will find a place where they don’t feel like they’re the only ones who aren’t experiencing what everyone else seems to be experiencing.

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Don’t Miss out on This Free Media for the Fall

As much as I love the summer, I think I love the Fall even more. The warm weather is nice, but the humidity has got to go. The beach is nice, but the sand is…sandy. The spontaneity is fun, but rhythm is a relief. And let’s be real, the colors of fall are just breathtaking. So we need to welcome in the Fall with a celebration of sorts. We should do something special. I know! We can give away some FREE media! Well this month, we have some amazing steals that you are going to love. Be sure to check them all out and then pass this post along to your media loving friends so they can enjoy as well. Happy Fall!

This Is Jesus by Freebridge Media

Today we worship the King of Kings…our Savior, our Lord, our Redeemer. Today we worship the one who changed our eternity and replaced our guilt with grace. Today we worship Jesus!

Hi-tech Countdown by Creative Media Solutions

This is the second of our modern/futuristic countdowns. While it is created with a younger audience in mind, it will certainly inspire crowds of any age. The feel good music will pump up your audience, while the worshipful phrases will prepare their hearts for praising our God.

Wordcraft Fruit of the Spirit by Summit Creative Company

What do you get when you add art to a Bible verse? Wordcraft. Use this short, one-minute video segment to inspire your kids to create. Print out the verse art template for them to color in after they see the video or have them make their own.

Open Eyes by James Grocho

A video demonstrating that when we have faith in our lives, our eyes are open to see what God is doing in our lives. He shows us our struggles and reminds us that we are able to overcome them when our eyes are fixed on Him.

Tree of Life by Playback Media

This motion features a beautiful silhouette of a single tree full of branches and leaves. The tree is a beautiful shade of orange with a white background. Subtle grungy texture moves slowly inside the tree. There are also faint light and dust particles that drift down from the top of the tree. The warm hues help set a peaceful serene feeling. This is a gorgeous background to help set a calm meditative mood for any setting and is a great background for any time of the year! The Tree Of Life Orange 1 Motion Background is part of the Tree Of Life Collection.

Free Video from Lightstock


In Case You Missed It – Worship Leader Opportunities

Worship leaders! Are you looking for a career doing what you love most? I mean can you imagine the joy and the excitement of being able to spend your time leading others in worship, managing a worship team, working with audio/visual teams and more? For some, it would be a dream come true. I want to make sure you do not miss out on these 4 exciting opportunities to do just that. Whether you are hoping to be at a church with thousands of people of just a few hundred, there is an opportunity here for you. These worship leader positions come from which is your place to go to stay up to date with new job listings and career opportunities. Here are the 4 opportunities for you to check out. If they interest you then I would encourage you to apply soon!


Sugar Creek Baptist Church – Sugar Land, TX – Youth Worship Pastor

Seeking student worship leader for thriving student ministry. Sugar Creek Baptist Church is a ethnically diverse and growing congregation that is located in Sugar Land, TX just outside the Houston metro area. Sugar Creek is a multisite church with a strong desire to reach teenagers from areas ranging from urban to suburban.

CrossWinds Church – Livermore, CA – Music Director

CrossWinds Church is a non-denominational church located in Northern California. We’re looking for a Music Director to join our dynamic team of creative people. The person filling this role would work on our Creative Arts Ministry Team and directly with our Creative Arts/Worship Pastor to help create a weekly service that points people towards Jesus.

Arborlawn UMC – Fort Worth, TX – Director of Contemporary Worship

Lead people to encountering the presence of God in worship by providing musical and creative leadership for all contemporary worship services and events at Arborlawn UMC.

Calvary Chapel Central Bucks – Chalfont, PA – Worship Leader/Staff Support

Calvary Chapel Central Bucks (CCCB) is seeking a full-time Worship Leader.  The ideal candidate will have musical training and minimum 2 years of experience in leading worship by guitar.  We are a casual, contemporary, nondenominational, church that is focused on Gospel outreach and discipleship.


Hope Survives: New Album from Veritas Releases Soon

In a powerful crescendo of accomplishment over the past several years, contemporary classical vocal group Veritas found themselves in some tremendous places, from belting out their signature power harmonies on the Carnegie Hall stage to crooning cruisers in the middle of the Caribbean, to joining Sandi Patty on her Forever Grateful tour.

They also found themselves interacting with thousands of fans after shows and online, hearing their stories, their challenges, and most of all, their hopes.

This, in turn, energized Veritas’ purpose. With their sophomore record, Hope Survives, the men of Veritas–Jeff Anderson, James Berrian, Andrew Goodwin, Jordan Johnson and Lucas Scott Lawrence–are wielding their powerful, dramatic musical arsenal to communicate the hope expressed by their fans, as well as the hope which guides each of their lives.

“We get so many messages from people on social media, and lots of emails telling us how they were going through a horrible time, and our music reminded them of God’s love for them,” Lawrence said. “It gave them hope.”

The power of hope is also something very real and personal to each member of Veritas.

“Each of us brings a unique voice and sound to the group,” Anderson said. “We also bring five different stories–which are still being written.”

For his part, Anderson said he had lost hope in 2007, when he lost his father to a “horrific and painful battle with brain cancer,” and at the same time, lost his voice for 8 months–an ailment that required reconstructive surgery and therapy to learn how to speak all over again.

“I couldn’t whisper, speak or even fathom singing again,” he said. “To me all was lost and I really struggled to find anything positive in life, but during this dark time, I was taught a valuable lesson. I realized, for the first time, I had been placing too much trust in man, material things and my own gifting. It wasn’t until I lost it all that I realized my worth was not found in my talent or the things of man but in Jesus Christ alone. Once I placed my Creator on his rightful throne, my hope was restored. He gave me the power to survive. Hope survives!”

At a young age, Johnson also lost his father, and said in the midst of such loss, “The one thing I had to hope in was Jesus.” Similarly, Goodwin has dealt with the ongoing pain of his father abandoning the family when he was very young, embracing hope for the future from his Heavenly Father’s love–something that has become all the more important now that he himself has children.

One of Hope Survives’ upbeat ballads, “Unforgettable”–co-written by The City Harmonic’s Elias Dummer–sharply resonates with Berrian’s story: “Do you feel like just one in a million / Just a drop of water in the sea / Do you feel like you were made to matter / While it seems the world around you disagrees / Even if the sky is falling all around / Heaven knows that you’ll survive the fall / You’re one in a million stars that light up the night / You’re unforgettable.

As the only unmarried member of the group, he says that while he can sometimes relate to feelings of emptiness or uncertainty, God fills him with hope that He has a good plan for his life.

“For me, it is waking up every day and wondering what my life is going to look like in five, ten years, but I do not have to worry about that,” he said. “God is going to be with me.”

For Lawrence, hope has emerged in the midst of a heartbreaking journey of infertility he and his wife have experienced.

“I got to the point where I had to choose to trust God’s goodness, to choose the peace I get when my mind is stayed on him,” he said. “It was a choice I had to make every day.”

He said the Ronnie Freeman-penned song, “Come To The River”–which he describes as “a breath” on the album–has meant a lot to him, as it is an invitation to rest in the river of peace that Christ offers, especially when it is much easier to dwell on life’s stresses and unknowns. Lawrence and his wife are now resting in that peace as they prepare to meet the child they are going to adopt.

“Even though we are on stage looking as if we have it all together, stuff is going on in our lives, too,” Goodwin said. “The biggest thing for us is we want people to know there is hope. Whatever you are struggling with, we want to tell you why there is a hope that will survive through that particular struggle.”

Once again pulling from a deep, diverse pool of songs and genres, the 10 tracks of Hope Survives speak to the hardships of the human experience by declaring the ultimate victory Jesus brings.

“We wanted to find songs that really ministered to us first, because we knew if they spoke to us–if they really ministered to us first–we knew it would be something we would be able to truly share from the heart,” Goodwin said.

Songs from two iconic artists serve as the foundation for the hope that is proclaimed throughout the album, with Veritas’ rich cover of Sandi Patty’s “Via Dolorosa” and their soothing rendition of Bob Dylan’s “To Make You Feel My Love” painting a vivid picture of Jesus’ love for the world.

An a cappella treatment of “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” and an orchestral arrangement of “Amazing Grace” give fresh musical paint to time-honored hymns, while “Bring Him Home” from the hit musical Les Miserables declares trust in God in the midst of suffocating uncertainty.

In some cases, finding the perfect song meant, for the first time, writing it themselves. Veritas’ Johnson and Berrian wrote the triumphant title track (along with producer Benjamin Backus of for KING & COUNTRY, and Ross King), opening the record with the victorious lyrics: “Hope survives / When it seems that life is over in the darkest night / But it comes back even stronger / In the wounds and scars we find out who we are / Through the fight we will find hope survives.

“More Than Conquerors,” written by Berrian and the album’s producer, Jay Rouse, invokes Romans 8 with operatic flair and passion.

Artists Todd Smith (of Selah) and Tyrus Morgan penned “Let Us Be Light” with Jay Speight and Veritas’ Anderson. Another high-powered, uptempo pop-flavored track, the song sends an invitation to believers: “Let us be light, let our love shine / Break through the shadows, piercing the night / Let us be light, don’t hold it inside / Let the world know hope is coming alive.

Since coming together in 2012, Veritas has always focused on crafting a dramatic experience to tell the greatest story ever told–the diving drama of love between the Creator and His Creation. Now, they are doing it in a way that more intentionally seeks to speak to their audience.

It is something they picked up from Sandi Patty while on tour with her.

“She’d say every night, ‘I know I’ve been called by God, but it’s you, the audience, I’ve worked for all these years,’” Berrian recalled. “That really resonated with us. We asked ourselves how we can best minister to our audience, to speak to the heart and bring encouragement to them, and we really honed in on the common thread we all share, hope.”

“Once you show people who you are and you are transparent with them, all of the sudden they come out of the woodwork saying, ‘That is my story, too.’” Goodwin said. “The truth is, the five of us on stage represent everybody who we’re singing to, every night.”

That’s humbling, they say, but it’s motivating, too. And it has changed them.

Whereas Veritas’ debut album introduced the quintet to the world as a musical force, the group’s follow-up uses that musical force to send a message.

“The first record was our sound,” Lawrence said. “This one is our heart.”


The album is available now in the Official Veritas Store and at iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and everywhere great Christian music is sold.



Singer/Songwriter John Tibbs’ New Album Releasing Soon

In just a few short weeks, John Tibbs will be releasing his latest album, “Homeland.” This album is being co-produced by Ben Shive who has worked with Rend Collective, Colony House, and Ellie Holcomb. He will be touring with Matt Maher, Jonn Diaz, JJ Weeks Band and Dave Pettigrew this Fall.

Here are a couple of reasons why you want to check out John’s new album. For one, John Tibbs is an artist with a message to offer to us all. His music is an acoustic driven, rock and roll response to all the heart-ache and strife we see in the world today. Listen to what John has to say:

“I grew up in a coal-mining town and fell in love in Indiana. The heartland represents home to me,” reveals Tibbs, the son of a preacher and teacher. “And yet, I realize that this world is not my home. This song is a response to the strife I see every day and a reminder to myself to carry the love and kindness of God wherever I go. No amount of war, famine, anger, disease or political division can overcome the love of God.”

Secondly, Tibbs has a great heart. Listen to Tibbs’ heart as he opens up to us about his past, his struggles, and his hope for our world: “Having also toured with Tenth Avenue North, Audrey Assad and Gungor, Tibbs, who has had a stutter since his childhood, spends time encouraging others like himself everywhere he travels.” John says:

“I believe we need to normalize things like that and encourage folks, especially children, that the way we are made is beautiful in and of itself.”

He has a strong and powerful message to share with the world. So be sure to check out his music by clicking on the following link:

John Tibbs Music



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